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Service Centre
Safety regulations
1. The equipment should be started and shut down strictly according to the operating procedures.
2. When working around the equipment, wear a hard working helmet and safety glasses that have passed the inspection.
3. Before operating the machine, make sure that all safety bezels, covers and protective doors are in the correct position and are secure.
4. When the rolling mill is in working condition, the belt guard should always be installed on the machine.
5. When the rolling mill is in working condition, do not put your hand in for any operation within the rotation range of the roll. The same is true for the feeding device to avoid danger.
6. Before the oil enters the machine, it must be magnetically selected and removed, because stones, iron and non-ferrous metals may cause sparks or cause the machine to get stuck.
7. Adjust the flow control board to keep the flow at both ends of the roll even and ensure continuous material flow.
8. When removing or installing the roll, please use a sufficient level of lifting equipment and always follow the workshop system.
9. Never operate or repair the machine during fatigue, and be sure to ensure that the power supply has been cut off when adjusting and servicing the machine.