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Going to Russia for the third industrial and technical cooperation fair

On July 10, 2017, Vice Governor Hu Yafeng led a team to visit the Russian Innovation Industry Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and held a third seminar on industrial and technical cooperation with Russian enterprises. In order to find the basis of Sino-Russian cooperation, the fair promoted the deep docking of cooperation goals and helped the enterprises with no clear cooperation to find the target of Russian cooperation.
The general manager of Donglong Company Liu Lixin personally went to Russia to participate in the exhibition. During the exhibition, he was concerned and guided by the leaders at all levels, and constantly sought cooperation for the company. The visibility and influence of the company during the exhibition was greatly improved. . Moreover, participating in international industrial technology exhibitions will help companies to be inspired by innovations, and the innovation vitality of enterprises will be greatly helped. In addition, it helps companies understand the needs of foreign markets and re-orientate the market demand for products.