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Yulian 2017-2019 National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Founded in 1999, Dongdong Donglong Energy Saving New Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic oil and fat equipment manufacturing enterprise. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating product development, production and sales to produce high-performance, low-consumption energy-saving oil. Known for handling equipment. Over the years, more than 150 technological innovations and inventions have been completed, of which 25 have obtained national patents and 7 have been invention patents. Its leading products: energy-saving automatic hydraulic rolling mill, high-efficiency crusher, cottonseed sheller is the product of the China National Cereals and Oils Institute of Oil and Fats, and also produces wire drawing machines, rolls, crushing rolls, grinding machines and so on. With remarkable energy-saving effect and high-quality, multi-functional, low-noise design, the products are well received by customers in the grease industry.
In order to better stabilize the market and open up the market, Donglong always insists that science and technology is the primary productive force and continues to develop and innovate. The company's technology research and development team has achieved outstanding results in patent research and development and technological innovation. The product transformation and scientific research activities of scientific and technological achievements in the past three years have achieved remarkable results, and the company has been cooperating with higher education institutions to conduct production and research. It has greatly improved the core competitiveness of the company's technology.
At the same time, the main parts of the rolling mill, crusher and sheller produced by our company will be continuously improved and innovated, so that the product cost will be greatly reduced and the market competitiveness will be greatly enhanced. The company's products are involved in grain and oil, llurgy, papermaking, rubber and other industries, truly achieve diversified operations, comprehensive development, and produce good economic and social benefits.
In the identification work of national high-tech enterprises in 2017, Donglong Company was once again recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.